Yeaton Dairy Farm

Epsom, NH
300 acres
110 milking cows

Value of variety

Brothers Stewart and William Yeaton farm land that has been in their family for well over a century, dividing the areas of responsibility between them with just a bit of part-time help. Yes, the work is hard but the fifth-generation farmers are all in. I love working for myself. I get to work with my family, the commute is great, and Im outdoors all the time,” says Stewart. “The nicest thing about being a dairy farmer is the variety.”

The Yeaton brothers are fifth-generation dairy farmers.
I do enjoy working with the animals. That's one of the most rewarding elements of this job. They need me, and I need them.
- Stewart Yeaton

Open land

The Yeatons are proud that the milk they produce stays in the New England region and also that in cultivating high-quality feed for their herd, they are helping to keep land open for all. “We try to keep the land open for everyone to use,” Stewart points out. “If we have open space for our crops, then people will have open land to hike, hunt and snowmobile, too.”

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