Woody Hill Farms

Salem, NY
1,500 acres
1,200 milking cows

Change of Heart

Mark Cary did not plan to be a farmer. He grew up on small dairy farm east of Saratoga Springs, one of seven children. “I knew I didn’t want to farm after long, hot days throwing hay bales while my buddies were off floating down the river,” he reflects. He and Jennifer Cary started dating in high school and both studied agriculture at Cornell. Jennifer also came from a dairy farming family; her grandparents Hap and Grace Sheldon moved their farm to Salem in 1942 and Jennifer’s father, Jim, and his brother, Dan, had taken over Woody Hill Farms.

Jennifer and Mark appreciated the chance to work on other farms, but were drawn home to be near family.
The family is proud to provide food & jobs for about 25 people, many of whom have been there for 20+ years.
Anything you do if it's worth doing, is probably not going to be easy.
- Mark Cary
Jennifer and Mark's daughters are involved in 4-H & show animals at the county fair.
Mark & Jim share responsibility for cropping while Dan takes care of the herd.

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