Woodard Farm

Waterbury Center, VT
200 acres
25 milkers

Farming roots

Farmers often juggle lots of different kinds of work, but George Woodard is the only Cabot farmer who is also an award-winning movie director/writer/actor listed on the internet movie database IMDB. Before all that, George and his three siblings grew up on the farm that their grandfather bought in 1912, although his dad later sold the cows. School was not so much his thing, George admits, and his mother suggested he think about getting the dairy running again.

Farmer and award-winning movie director/writer/actor.
George came home when the cows called.
“That’s important to me, to keep it going. Everything else is a hobby; farming is my life and love.”
- George Woodard

Farmer-movie maven George Woodard’s 14-minute short silent film, “Bad Robbers,” was featured recently on Vermont PBS’s Made Here series.

His first feature film, “The Summer of Walter Hacks, won Best Picture at the Vermont International Film Festival and was nominated for Best Screenplay and Best Stunts by the Maverick Movie awards.

He is currently working on his second feature “The Farm Boy”.  Learn more about George’s films online, and check out George Woodard’s journey on the #FarmLove blog.

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