Windstott Farm

Genoa, NY
230 acres
110 milking cows

The robots are here

The world is always changing and dairy farming is no exception to that rule. Among the most fascinating developments over the last decade has been the spread of robotic milking machines that provide efficiency for the farmer and great care of the cows. Bill Kilcer was an early adopter of this cutting edge technology, which has enabled him to keep farming as he ages. Robotic milking systems are helping many dairy farms stay in business. 

You have to love farming and love being outdoors. That's me in a nutshell.
- Bill Kilcer

Moving but rooted

Bill Kilcers father started farming in 1953 in Stottville, New York. Bill moved the farm about 200 miles west to Genoa, NY in 1992. He and his wife Trina raised their three children on the farm and she pitches in when not working for the postal service. They have always been involved in their community and Bill served as a volunteer fireman for close to four decades.


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