Wheeler Farm

Wilmington, VT
350 acres
60 milking cows

Year-round schedule

Rob and Karen Wheeler share the early-morning milking, which means being at the barn by 4 a.m. They don’t mind it though. “I appreciate the serenity, the peacefulness of the valley,” says Karen. “You’re at one with what’s going on,” her husband agrees. Both grew up on dairy farms and were ready and willing to settle on Rob’s family farm, joining his parents and older brother, John. A summer vegetable stand, snow plowing business and spring sugaring keep them all very busy year-round.

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Watch Agri-Mark Board Member, Rob Wheeler, talk about life on the farm.
Rex, Karen and Rob’s well-loved border collie.
May through November the herd is out on pasture.
The farm’s been in the family since 1931.
"It's really good to see more people choosing to make the connection between farmers and food."
- Rob Wheeler

Visit the Wheeler Family Farm to learn more about their farm family business and enjoy specialty products that you can purchase and bring home to friends and family. 

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