Welcome Stock Farm

Schuylerville, NY
700 acres
650 milking cows

Bringing home the gold

Brothers Bill and Neil Peck grew up on their family’s farm just 10 miles from the famous Saratoga horse racing track where Pecks have farmed since 1836. But it was another type of racing champion that has made a real difference in each of their lives. Kristen Talbot-Peck, Neil’s wife, is a local who ascended the ranks of competitive speed skating to earn a spot in three Olympic Games. Among the friends she made while competing was five-time Olympian and three-time medalist Amy Peterson of Minnesota. Amy came to visit Kristen. Kristen introduced Amy to Bill, her brother-in-law. Now they are all a big farming family.

Brothers Bill and Neil Peck and their families.
Three of Bill and Kristen’s brood of four.
“Every time we leave this place, we are happy to come back home."
- Neil Peck

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