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Embrace a nutritious diet rich in vitamins with creative vegetarian recipes from Cabot. Try salads, pastas, and more!

A diet that is abundant in vegetables can be healthy, affordable and totally delicious. Reducing vegetable waste is also a new idea taking hold. Root to stem eating requires getting creative about using foods that are usually discarded in most kitchens to create innovative and tasty salads and main dishes.

Looking for vegetarian breakfast options? Try our scrumptious Vegetable Frittata with Alpine Cheddar Sauce. For heartier vegetarian meal options, our Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie and Eggplant & Cheddar Lasagna are both winning vegetarian dinner recipes that will please event the pickiest palates. You’ll also find easy vegetarian snacks and other great recipes in our collection.

Browse through the recipes below and discover some pretty amazing veggie dishes that you’ll be sure to make over and over again. Whether you consume a strictly vegetarian diet or you’re just looking to add more vegetarian recipes to your meal rotation, you’ll find tons of inspiration here. There are so many exciting veggie recipes that are satisfying, flavorful and wholesome, appealing to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.