Twin Mill Farms

Ogdensburg, NY
800 acres
550 milking cows

Country childhood

When New York City native Carmen married second-generation farmer Blake Gendebien, the couple left urban life to move back to northern New York and buy a farm neighboring the one where he grew up. They joined his parents, Peter and Sharon, to create an expanded Twin Mill Farms and have treasured the opportunity to provide a childhood deeply connected to nature for their three sons. “The most amazing thing is when Im out there on the tractor with one of my boys, and I remember riding on the very same tractor with my father,” Blake says.

Raising the next generation on fresh country air.
Blake came home to work with his parents.
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"Being here is being home. I fell asleep on this tractor when I was a kid. Now my kids can do the same."
- Blake Gendebien

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