Tully Farm

Dunstable, MA
350 acres
125 milking cows

Family Heirloom

Two days before he passed away at the age of 96, George Tully was on a tractor plowing the fields. George’s long and active life was devoted to his family, to his community and to the farm where his father was born in 1873. He and his wife June raised seven children on the farm while serving on many town boards and also founding the organization that became the Dunstable Rural Land Trust. They worked tirelessly to protect the town’s agricultural character and their grandson, Charlie Tully, who now runs the farm, shares that deep commitment.


Specialty Foods
George Tully was at the wheel until the end of his long life.
It’s important for people to understand that their milk does come from somewhere.
- Jennifer Tully

Milk from somewhere

A kindergarten teacher, Jennifer has combined her knowledge of agriculture and education serving on the Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom board as well as hosting regular field trips at the farm. “I really feel like it’s important for people to understand that their milk does come from somewhere,” she explained. One of their daughters, Kristina, is also a teacher but spends time on the farm helping to bottle some of their own milk and partnering to produce farm-fresh ice cream in flavors like maple-walnut (her dad’s favorite) and coffee-cookies 'n cream (her mom’s).

There are delicious things going on at Tully Farm, check it out now!

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