The Farm at Wheeler Mountain

Barton, VT
Holsteins and Jerseys

Shared love, different breeds

When Joanna and Adam Lidback first bonded over their mutual love of cows they overcame the fact that he was a Holstein guy and she was a Jersey girl. Today, their blended herd at The Farm at Wheeler Mountain includes both breeds: the classic black-and-white splotched Holsteins and soft-eyed, caramel-colored smaller Jerseys. It also includes two young sons and a pair of loving and excitable rat terriers.

Adam and Joanna Lidback and their two sons.
Wheeler Mountain.
The next generation has yet to pick a favorite breed.

Whether you're a Jersey or Holstein fan, you can enjoy them both at The Farm at Wheeler Mountain. Be sure to follow the Lidbacks on Facebook to keep up with events and farmlife.

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