Sweet Pea Farm at the House of Hayes

North Granby, CT
65 Milking Cows and 70 Saanen Dairy Goats

Mixed Herd

On Cabot farms, a mixed herd generally means the farmers have cows beyond the classic black and white-splotched Holsteins. At the Hayes family’s Sweet Pea Farm, on the other hand, it could describe the fact that they raise both dairy cows and dairy goats side by side. The dairy cow tradition goes back at least eight generations to the 1820s for Stanley and Dorothy Hayes, who have gradually expanded and diversified the farm as their three grown children have all fallen in love with farming. 

At Sweet Pea Farm, goats and cows graze side by side.
Dorothy and her husband Stanley loved raising their 3 kids on the family farm.
Farming is not a job, it is a lifestyle, and there will be hard days. But the good ones always seem to outnumber them.
The Hayes go back 8 generations of farmers.
These cows make great chocolate milk.

For a taste of more of the delicious products from Sweet Pea Farm at the House of Hayes, visit them on Facebook at Sweet Pea Cheese! 

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