Aged from one to five years, our specialty cheeses vary in texture and flavor depending on the length of aging.

Our 1 Year Cheddar Cheese is aged a minimum of 12 months for extra-sharp flavor and subtle, tangy notes. The 2 Year Cheddar Cheese is slow aged to create bold sharpness and complexity. 

The 3 Year Cheddar Cheese is also slow aged for smooth flavor, extra sharpness, and a satisfying bite.

Our 5 Year Cheddar Cheese is our longest aged cheese delivers an intense bite, rich aroma, and unforgettable flavor. And our Vintage Choice Cheddar Cheese is aged for a minimum of 24 months, this cheddar boasts a buttery, full-bodied flavor and robust sharpness.

Clothbound Cheddar Cheese offers a crumbly texture, nutty aroma, and deeply savory flavor that boasts a slight tanginess and sweet caramel finish. 

Old School Cheddar Cheese is a rare, limited edition classic has been aged undisturbed for four years. Don’t forget to also try our Specialty CheesesFlavored CheesesLight Cheddars, and Non-Cheddars.

Find Cabot cheddar cheese near you and explore the delicious world of cheddar.