Southwind Farm

Pawlet, VT
150 acres
100 milkers and 85 young stock

Call of the Land

Jeremy Russo did not expect to become a dairy farmer. Working with his older brothers on the family farm as a kid, he says with a chuckle, “was just what we did for fun and it kept us out of trouble.” After graduating from Cornell University, Jeremy served as an aide to one of Vermont’s senators in Washington, D.C. He thought he would follow a career in politics, but the call of the land was strong and he returned to become the sixth generation to take over the Pawlet farm with his high school sweetheart, Jennie, who works as a teacher.

Jeremy and Jennie bought his family’s multi-generation farm.
Working the rich river valley soil.
The soil in our river valley is remarkably rich and we strive to take great care of it.
Southwind Farm was named for the direction the wind typically blows on the property.

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