Skiff Farm

Greenwich, NY
478 acres
50 milkers, 80 young stock & 70 head registered Angus cattle

With 478 acres, 50 milkers, 80 young stock, and 70 head of registered Angus cattle, the Skiffs stay plenty busy. The Skiff Farm has been in the family since 1940, when Ed's dad bought and started working the land. Ed grew up on the farm and has worked it all his life. And the Skiff Farm is not only a successful because of its dairy and beef operations, it's also part of an interesting chapter in American history. Grandma Moses, who lived over 100 years from 1860 to 1961 and didn't begin painting her famous pieces of American rural life until she was in her 60s, grew up on the very land that is now the Skiff Farm.

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