Scholten Dairy

Baldwinsville, NY
2,000 acres
400 milking cows


A devastating barn fire, a new highway built through their farm, suburban development pressure—the Scholtens have been through a lot since Adriena and Jacob Scholten left their native Holland as newlyweds in 1959. They first landed in Iowa where Jacob worked as a baker. He moved on to masonry and then dairy farming after moving to New York State where he and his wife raised four sons on several different farms, including one in Vermont. Three now work together full-time on the family’s farm near Syracuse; the fourth helps out around his other full-time job.

Arie, John & Wayne work together to run Scholten Dairy and its sister grain-growing operation.
Scholten Dairy is in the middle of the Syracuse suburbs. “If we let the cows out, they’d be in downtown Syracuse pretty quick,” John Scholten.
Adriena Scholten, now 87, fed her family traditional Dutch recipes. For short they call her Ada, but I call her Mom.
- Wayne Scholten
I like being outside, doing different things every day. "John Scholten"

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