Rupert Valley Holsteins

West Rupert, VT
850 acres
400 milking cows and 275 young stock

Family working together

Mark and Mike Lourie are twin brothers who own Rupert Valley Holsteins Farm in West Rupert, Vermont. They have about 400 milkers and 275 young stock, and manage about 850 acres of cropland. Mark manages farm finances and employees; Mike handles the crops and the heifers. Mike's son Ryan has worked on the farm since 1999 and has recently become a partner in the business. He has taken on the role of primary feeder, oversees the parlor and farm maintenance, and runs the self-propelled chopper. Ryan has two young farmer boys, Trent (age 10) and Drew (age 8). The Louries' grandfather was a dairy farmer who purchased the original farm in 1930, and the twin boys were raised on the same farm as their dad. When Mark and Mike first started out, Mike and his dad operated the original farm and Mark milked 50 cows of his own nearby. The brothers joined forces in 1995 to form Rupert Valley Holsteins, LLC, and they have purchased a third farm since, so the spread is actually three farms in one.

At Rupert Valley Holsteins they make a special effort to produce high quality, high component milk and to provide the best possible feed and physical environment for all their animals. In 2017 they built a new double 10 parallel milking parlor, a hospital and maternity pen area, and added 75 new stalls. This investment has positioned the dairy for the future and allows for growth if necessary. Farmers working together with our cooperative providing the leadership has been a recipe for successfully marketing our member milk for the benefit all. "Farmers Feed the World"

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