Richardson Family Farm

Hartland, VT
450 acres
65 Jersey milking cows and 50 young stock

Five Generations and Feeling Lucky

Tucked into the rolling hills of central Vermont is a picture-perfect farm with a herd of caramel-colored Jersey cows, beautiful wooden barns and a sugarhouse with artfully piled firewood. Along with their dad, Gordon, Scott Richardson and his younger brother Reid now run the farm their great-grandparents bought over a century ago. That two of his three sons have chosen to stay in farming matters immensely to Gordon. "Growing up I didn't think about it that much," reflects Scott, "but I've always I liked the animals, working with my hands, working outdoors in the changing seasons."

The farm is like a 450-acre playground for our girls. I feel very lucky!
Amy & Scott’s three sons have grown up tearing around the farm on their bikes, but they also help out a lot.
Gordon likes to joke he's working his way up to feeding the cats.

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