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No matter your reason for choosing reduced fat recipes, Cabot has you covered. Our low and reduced fat recipes include ideas for every eating occasion, including dessert.

If you love chicken, be sure to try this Chicken Souvlaki, these Baked Chicken Strips and this Bow Ties and Chicken Confetti dish. For satisfying low-fat snacks, whip up this Quick Apple-Cherry Crunch, these Mini Mexican Pizzas and these Cheesy Black Bean Triangles.



For those days when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth (which may just be every day), enjoy low-fat desserts like Chocolate Chia Protein Balls, Blueberry, Mint & Vanilla Bean Yogurt Parfaits and Yogurt-Banana Pudding. These sweet treats are delicious and guiltfree. 

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult and Cabot has taken out the guesswork. Our easy, low-fat recipes are convenient to make, use common ingredients and are sure to be dishes your family truly enjoy.