Putnam Hill Farm

Newbury, VT
100 acres
40 milking cows

Family tradition

For as long as we can remember, our families have been dairy farmers,” says Sarah Putnam. I grew up on a local dairy farm, and my husband, Mark's, grandparents were also farmers.” In 1989, the couple had the opportunity to purchase a wood lot owned by Mark’s grandfather since the 1930s. We knew with hard work, we could clear the land and transform it into a successful dairy farm, and that's what we did,” Sarah says.

The farm inspires me, in a million different ways, every day.
- Sarah Putnam


The family milked their Jersey herd, logged and sugared while raising their kids, who both graduated from Vermont Technical College. Megan now works at another Cabot member farm, Newmont Farm. Dustin has moved back to run the family maple operation and work with his parents. He and his wife, Valerie, are now raising their own little Dustin on the farm. It is their own little slice of heaven and features prominently in peaceful, pastoral paintings Sarah creates in an airy studio with a view of the valley. “The farm inspires me,” she says.

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