Porterdale Farms

Adams Center, NY
4,500*leased & owned acres
1,900 milking cows

Early devotion

“His family tells this story about when Greg was a little boy,” his wife Lisa Porter recounts, “and how he was so excited to be in the barn with his dad that he went out with him really early at around 5:30. By 8 am he was so tired, he went and laid down—just for a minute. They found him later fast asleep in the utility room.” Greg is the third generation on Porterdale Farms, and he has never wanted to be anywhere else. “It’s all I’ve ever enjoyed,” he says simply.

The Porters are in business with Greg’s younger cousin, Stephen and his wife, Angela.
Lisa and Greg both grew up on New York dairy farms.
"Land that’s taken care of will reap rewards. It's hard work. It's good work. That's why we do it."
- Greg Porter

Feed the world

Lisa and Greg love what they do with all its ups and downs. “When you’re having a bad day, you’ve got to step back and focus on the idea that you’re helping to feed the world, that you are one of the stewards of God’s creation,” Greg reflects. Every day brings treasures, Lisa adds: “The miracle of seeing a calf born, of putting a seed in the ground in the spring and seeing the corn that comes up, the hay that grows back each year, the meadows in bloom.”

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