Poppydale Farm

Chateaugay, NY
200 acres
16 milkers, 40 total stock

The town of Chateaugay, New York, just minutes south of the Canadian border, has a reputation for producing great things. Cabot's sister brand, McCadam, has been making New York's finest cheese at its Chateaugay factory since 1934, and Poppydale Farm, located just down the road, is the home to some of the state's most prized Jersey, Guernsey and Holstein cattle. Poppydale's been in the Trombly family for more than 40 years, but amazingly, it was only a little more than a decade ago that Liz Trombly acquired their first calf.

Visit the Poppydale Farm to learn more about their farm family business and enjoy specialty products that you can purchase and bring home to friends and family. 

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