Pomeroy Farm

Westfield, MA
120 acres
65 milking cows

Sibling farmers

As a kid on his family’s dairy farm and maple operation, “I caused more trouble than good,” Randy Pomeroy jokes. He left home for college to study agricultural mechanics and construction, “but I always thought I’d come back sooner or later,he says. His older sister, Rachel Pomeroy-Monahan, loved animals and thought she’d become a vet, though she expected to be involved with the multi-generation family business in some way. Sadly, when their father passed away in 2013, the siblings, who had lost their mother 15 years earlier, had to take over far earlier than anyone expected.

The Pomeroy siblings found themselves in charge of the family farm.
Getting thrown into it early was a challenge, but also an opportunity.
- Rachel Pomeroy-Monahan

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