North Bangor, NY
4,000 acres
4,200 cows

The Poupore brothers run PAPAS Dairy in North Bangor, New York, and the name of the farm is a shout out to their father and an acronym for the five siblings. Peter, Alan, Patrick, Aaron, and Scott initially ran the family's operation, but the family lost Patrick in a tragic trailer accident. PAPAS Dairy is a large operation with 2,100 milkers, about 2,100 young stock, and 4,000 acres of land. They grow corn silage and haylage, and with some 4,200 cows to feed, they use every bit of it on the farm. They milk the cows three times a day, and the barn never closes. They run three shifts per day, every day of every year. They also have about 30 full-time employees.

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