North Wind Acres

Shoreham, VT
275 acres
112 milking cows

From Hauler to Milker

When the Pope family bought a farm in Shoreham about 10 years ago, they weren’t really planning on starting a dairy operation. They had a successful milk hauling company with more than a dozen trucks and 20 employees. But there was this secondhand milking parlor that was too good a bargain not to buy. Then there was the fact, explains Gail Pope, that although her son Stevie “loves anything with a motor and wheels,” for her other son, Seth, “his first love is cows. And his father’s right there behind him.” 

Seth’s wife Stephanie works on her own family’s dairy in nearby Bridport, Iroquois Acres, also a Cabot co-op member.
Seth & his dad Kenny enjoy being around animals.
"The cows my dad gave me growing up, helped pay my college tuition." -Gail Pope.
The Pope's little boy, Rowdy, loves to show calves in the county fair.
My grandmother taught me how to rake hay. I worked besides my grandfather for years.
- Seth Pope

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