New Moon Farms

Munnsville, NY
99 acres
40 milking cows

Work ethic

When Chris and Sarah Ficken met as students at Cornell University, she was in her final semester and working all the time. “If I wasn’t at work or in class, I was in the library,” she recalls,so Chris started hanging out with me in the library.” Today, the young farmers are equally busy working all the time, but in the very different venue of their 99-acre central New York farm. Along with caring for the herd of about 40 cows and running a small community-supported agriculture vegetable share program, the couple has two young daughters.

Farm Stand
Specialty Foods
“We have built our farm from the ground up with the help of family, friends and neighbors,” Chris Ficken.
"Sustainability is using your resources today in a way that leaves as good or better resources for future use."
- Sarah Ficken

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