Missisquoi Valley Farm

Westfield, VT
425 acres
70 milking cows

City girl, country boy

Pauline and Jacques Couture grew up on neighboring dairy farms in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom region, but Pauline was determined to become a “city girl,” and headed off to Burlington to work after she finished high school. Jacques, on the other hand, always knew farming was for him: “As far back as I can remember, I’ve loved the woods and nature, the cattle, the fields. I really connect with nature. From my earliest memories, I always wanted to be a farmer.”

Some have barn cats; the Coutures have a barn duck.
The last thing I do before going to bed at night, I come check on the girls. They’re part of the family.
- Jacques Couture

You can stay with the Coutures, and savor the sweetness on offer at Missisquoi farmCan't make it to the Coutures for a farm stay? Taste the farm life with this quick maple-sweetened breakfast recipe from Pauline Couture. How do French-Canadians celebrate at the end of each year? Read about some delicious traditions the Coutures grew up with.

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