Maple Grove Farm

Derby, VT
120 farm acres, plus 80 acres of woodland
50 milking cows

Meet cute

Andy and Sarah Birch met officially at the local county fair where both were showing animals. Sarah—a classmate of Andy’s younger brother—was finishing up high school at the time, while Andy was wrapping up his college degree. “He picked on my sister and me,” Sarah says with smile. “I was known for being quiet. He said, ‘Oh, you do talk!’” The Birch brothers had grown up working with their family’s 50-head dairy herd whereas Sarah came to love animals through the local 4-H club.

Sarah and Andy farm with the help of his parents and brother, Jared.
Chores in the 120-year-old barn.
"I really love working with the animals and seeing Andy so happy. This is just where we belong."
- Sarah Birch

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