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For the low-calorie recipe conscious eater, we've got you covered. 

Our lower calorie recipes are delicious and satisfying. Some are trimmed down versions of traditional high calorie dishes.

Regardless of your reason for choosing lower in calories recipes, you’ll love the great options in this recipe collection. 


For low-calorie snacks, check out these yummy Whole Grain Get-Up-and-Go Bars or this amazing Ginger Lemongrass Dip with cubed cantaloupe, honeydew or other fresh melon. 

Looking for other delicious meal ideas low in calories? This Lighten Up! Rotisserie Chicken Chili is a nourishing low-calorie recipe perfect for lunch or dinner. 

Don't forget about Breakfast. Our Tender Cheesy Omelet is a tasty low-calorie breakfast to start the day. Remember, just because something is low in calories doesn't have to mean that it's low in flavor - these recipes are proof of that. Try a few and you’ll quickly discover that healthy, low-calorie recipes can be delicious and flavorful.