Lolans Farm

Middleborough, MA
75 acres
35 milking cows

Love of the land

Susan Shields handles the milking at Lolans Farm, which has been in her family since 1946. Her husband Sam had worked on a dairy farm as a teenager and studied agriculture at the University of New Hampshire but he did not come from a farming family. When he met Susan, he gained both a great life partner and a farm. The couple went into partnership with Susan’s parents before they ultimately took over the operation in 1997. They raised their three children on the farm, and while none have gone into dairy farming, Susan says, Theres no better place to raise a family. The kids helped out, had chores, learned responsibility and developed a love of the land.”

Sam was lucky enough to marry his way into his dream career.
A classic cape-shingled barn near Cape Cod.
"Stopping by the farmstand is a great way for people to get a firsthand view of the farm."
- Susan Shields

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