LizDick Farm

Newbury, VT
117 acres
40 milking cows

With this calf I thee wed

Lucas and Kristina Vaughan took over responsibility for the family dairy farm in 2009 from Lucas’s parents. The farm is named after his grandparents, Elizabeth and Richard, who purchased the operation in 1955. The herd is primarily made up of Holsteins with a dozen Ayrshire cows with distinctive red and white markings. When Lucas first proposed to Kristina, he offered her an Ayrshire calf as a gift. It was a little big to wear on her finger, but she loved it.

Agriculture Museum
On the farm, every day is take your kids to work day.
- Lucas Vaughan

Sweet tradition

Three generations of the family take part in the annual Vermont tradition of sugaring and making maple syrup. They have about 450 taps and sell the syrup from their farm, which sits on a hilltop at the end of a quiet road. The Vaughans feel lucky to be able to raise their two daughters there. Lizzie and Amy help out in the barn every day. They’re comfortable with the animals and love to run around the farm,” Lucas says. “We love to pause the workday to share a family picnic lunch in the middle of the hayfield. Every day is take your kids to work day.

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