Lewis Dairy Farm

Auburn, ME
300 acres
110 milking cows

Starting young

Many farmers know they’re destined for the farming life from a young age, but Chris Lewis put his money on the line earlier than most. The fifth-generation farmer grew up working on his parents’ farm, and later his uncle’s. “I started buying my own cows when I was just eight or nine years old,” Chris says. “I knew I was going to be a farmer.”

Chris Lewis started young and it stuck.
"At heart, I knew I'd always be a farmer. From the minute I first stepped into that field, it was this and nothing else."
- Chris Lewis

“Proof enough”

In 2009, Chris married Jeanie, a farm girl from Falmouth, who brought her own cows with her into the relationship and has become his right-hand partner. The couple is now raising their daughter, Hailey, on one of only two remaining dairy farms in Auburn.When I told my family and friends that I was going to be a dairy farmer, they told me I was crazy,says Chris, “and hearing that made me want to prove them wrong. Were still here and were happy. I guess that is proof enough. 

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