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From appetizers to desserts, entrées to side dishes, the Legacy Collection cheddars bring a refined taste to so many of these featured recipes. Click below to see the different recipes using these three cheddars!

Alpine Cheddar Recipes

White Oak Cheddar Recipes

Farmhouse Reserve Cheddar Recipes

Enjoy Your Wine with a Nibble of the World's Best Cheddar

Legacy Wine & Cheese Pairings 

Enjoy some tips and ideas for pairing wine and the Legacy Collection of cheese. We've even shared some of our favorites!

Wine Pairings

Beer and Cheese, What Could Go Wrong

Legacy Beer & Cheese Pairings

Beer and Cheese is a perfect combo especially with the Legacy Collection. Learn more about styles, characteristics and even check out some of our favorites beers we pair with these cheddars!

Beer Pairings