Kempton Farm

Peacham, VT
700 acres
340 milking cows

Passing the baton

When George Kempton was a young farmhand, he cut huge blocks of ice out of the pond to cool the milk and used horses for most of the farm chores. He had worked on a farm in southern Vermont before he and his wife, Patty, started their own Northeast Kingdom farm in 1961. They both loved the farming life and stayed active until the end of their days. Today, the Kemptons son and daughter-in-law, Matt and Dawn, and two of their grandsons, Dylan and Will, run the operation. His grandfather was proud to watch the next two generations take over. “He was happy to see the farm grow and continue,” says Will.

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Watch the Kemptons at their summer haying.

The fruits of your labor

Every year, with a community partner, the Kemptons host a field day for about 75 local schoolkids. “It helps to let people know what we’re doing and show them a slice of life on a dairy farm,” says Matt. “The kids seem to like it and it helps them understand where their food comes from.” Will sees that firsthand with his own two young daughters, Chloe and Piper. “They always want to visit the calves and the piglets,” he says. “I hope that growing up around farming, they’ll learn what it means to work hard, be productive, and see the fruits of your labor.”

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