Jones Farm

Chichester, NH
300 acres
100 Holsteins

Springtime and family

Marion and Gordon Jones love many things about the farming life but if they had to pick their favorite day of the year, the farmers say, it would have to be springtime, “specifically the day the cows go out onto pasture!” And their favorite part of the farming life? “Working together as family,” is the immediate response.

The Jones Farm rotates their cows through pastures.
Happy cows, happy farmers.
"It's a life like no other. You have to keep your faith and spirits high."
- Gordon Jones

“What you know to be right.”

Yes, farming is hard but the rewards are many, says Gordon. “The work is every day. All day. But we do this because we want to, not because we have to, not because we aren’t smart enough to get work elsewhere, or because we fell into it,” he continues. “We choose to do what we do. Our motto around here is ‘Get up every day and do what you know to be right.

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