Imbier-Monson Farm

New Braintree, MA
200 acres
90 milking cows

A different kind of cow

Those who drive by the pastures of Neal Monson and his brother-in-law, Peter Imbier, might notice that their cows are a little different than most. The smaller, caramel-colored animals look nothing like the class black and white Holstein dairy cows so prevalent in the Northeast, but Brown Swiss is what Monson knows and appreciates. “I grew up with Swiss,” Monson says. “Its the breed I know best.

A pair of brothers-in-law farmers and an unusual breed of cow.
Brown Swiss are long-lived and produce premium milk.
“It feels right to me."
- Neal Monson

Keeping it simple

Monson has spent his entire adult life devoted to milking cows and he is satisfied with that choice and hopes that he will be at it for years to come. I just want to milk cows and make a living,” he says. It's not very complicated, but it feels right to me.

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