Hytone Farm

Coventry, CT
450 acres
230 cows

Italy to New England

Giovanni Peracchio immigrated from Italy to New England and started farming vegetables with his son, Tony, in 1944. They added dairy farming in 1960 to ensure year-round income. Today, Giovanni’s grandsons Tom and Bill, and Bill’s son Greg keep the tradition going. Bill studied agriculture at UConn and has contributed to many farm organizations through the years including the state farm bureau and the USDA’s Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service.

Open Barn Day

The Peracchios open their farm once a year to more than 400 visitors who come to learn what dairy farming is all about. This is promoted by The Farmers' Cow and the Connecticut Bureau of Tourism. Its a big day they all look forward to and it helps bring dairy farmers that much closer to the public. Find out when you can visit Hytone Farm and their cows at their annual event.

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