Highland Farms

Cornish, ME
300 acres (plus 1,000 acres logging)
225 milking cows

Making it better

Three generations of family work on Highland Farms where their ancestors started one of the nation’s first registered Jersey herds back in 1886. With the seventh generation now toddling around the award-winning farm, farmer (and grandmother) Libby Bleakney says, “You work to hopefully improve the farm a little every day to make it better for the next generation. We try to produce the best quality product for the consumer, take care of our animals the best we can and do all that we can to protect the land, soil and water.”

It makes us proud to watch these young people grow. It means a lot to all the generations.
- Libby Bleakney

Passing the baton

Libby’s twin daughters made the same commitment early on while shadowing their grandmother caring for calves. “They decided in high school that they’d like my mother’s job,” Libby recalls with a chuckle. After university, they came home and Jennifer Kimball and Johanna Chapman now work full-time on the farm — thanks, in part, to their grandmother, Allaire Palmer, who watches their kids. The twins’ brother, John, helps out part-time, while cousins, Chad and Andrea, work full-time across the dairy and logging operations. “It means a lot to all the generations,” Libby says. “It makes us proud to watch these young people grow and mature and take on more and more at the farm.”

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