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Healthy Snacks to Go: Red, White and Green.
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A New England Favorite
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All Spiced Up!
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These healthy and fun snack ideas are super easy to make and take on the go! 

Our Red, White & Green Snacks on the go are made with dry roasted salted edamame, dried cranberries and cubes of Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar - so colorful and full of flavor! It's quick, easy and healthy for both you and the kids. Be sure to also try our All Spiced Up snack mix with wasabi peas, roasted salted peanuts and cubes of Cabot Jalapeno Lite50 Cheddar.

You're going to love these easy and healthy snacks for kids. Feel free to let your kids experiment by adding their favorite dried fruit, nuts or even a taste of chocolate. You can also change it up by using your favorite type of Cabot cheese. Anything goes here! For more healthy recipe inspiration, check out our collection of “Healthier Living Recipes” as well.

While all of these recipes are excellent choices for Christmas cocktail party appetizers, a Christmas cheese fondue is always a fun addition to a holiday celebration. Try our Cabot Sharp Cheddar Fondue or our Cabot Cheddar & Goat Cheese Fondue.