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Satisfy your sweet tooth with creamy, decadent desserts.

Love eating nutritious foods and love dessert too? You can have the best of both worlds with these recipes for desserts that are healthy, enabling you to satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your healthy lifestyle. That’s right - desserts can be healthy and delicious!

Try a few of our favorites now! Our Frozen Yogurt Bark with Raspberries & Divine Chocolate is a perfect snack for after school or work snack and is also a special treat (that’s also easy to make) for Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

Healthy smoothies are always a wonderful option that will satisfy your cravings for something sweet while providing nutrients your body needs. Try our Blueberry-Lime Smoothie , Pumpkin-Orange Smoothie and Superhero Apple-Cranberry Smoothie. For healthy desserts that are sure to impress even the pickiest of palates, try our Cranberry Apple Cabot Cheese Strudel and our Fresh Lime & Roasted Banana Pie.

You’ll find plenty of inspiration and the perfect recipe whenever you’re craving a healthy sweet treat. These desserts all have their place in a healthy diet, enabling you to satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt. You’ll find what you need if you’re looking for a healthy dessert to enjoy during the week, on the weekend with your family or for special holidays and occasions.

If you have as much of a sweet tooth as we do, you’ll be making these desserts that are healthy again and again!