Eat Good Foods and Feel Well

Meals should include foods rich in nutrients to help you maintain energy, digestive health, total body strength, and prevent or delay disease or conditions. 

Maximize the power of protein for building & maintaining muscle strength.

  • 20 to 30 grams of protein such as eggs, dairy, fish, poultry, lean meats, beans and nutbutter at each meal.
  • Eat 2 fish meals per week-purchase small, wild fish to reduce mercury exposure.

Build your meal around protein. Start with your protein rich food(s); add vegetables or fruit and dairy, whole grains or starchy vegetables.

Vary your fruit & vegetable intake, the variety of colors will appeal to your eyes and taste buds.

Drink plenty of water each day for cognitive function, healthy blood pressure, preventing heat exhaustion, and maintaining heart health.

Staying Active as a Way of Life

Daily physical activity is important for mental and physical health, and enables you to achieve your goals.

Staying active can improve your mood and balance, decrease your risk of developing certain diseases and conditions, while helping you maintain a longer independent life. 

A protein-rich diet along with exercise can help you stay fit and keep your mind sharp. 

Easy ways to add protein:

*Be sure to consult your physician about any health concerns before starting a new exercise program or increasing the amount of activity you do now.