Hastings Farm

Suffield, CT
100 milking cows

Side by side with family

Larry and Susan Hastings run their fourth-generation farm with their two adult daughters, Megan and Lauren. And their kids, the fifth generation, are already very much in evidence: cuddling the barn cats, feeding calves and enthusiastically promoting (ahem, drinking!) the family’s own freshly bottled chocolate milk. There’s no better place to raise a family,” says Larry. He pauses and adds, “It’s also a joy to work side by side with your family. Yes, the hours are long and the work never stops, but you feel a sense of accomplishment in it all.”

It’s a joy to work side by side with your family. There aren't too many jobs where you can do that.
- Larry Hastings

Robots and other creatures

A few years ago, the family invested in a new barn and now uses a state-of-the-art robotic milking system, so that their herd of about 100 Holsteins and Jerseys can milk on demand. They welcome visitors to come see it in action and to visit the calves. Groups of schoolkids and scout troops also arrange for educational trips. If visitors are lucky, they may just see the rarest farm creature of them all: Larry’s antique 1933 Ford Coupe!

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