Hanson Farm

Brookfield, MA
220 acres
60 milking cows

Falling for farming

David Hanson is a fifth-generation farmer who grew up on the farm he now runs with his wife, Margaret. The farm has been in the Hanson family for five generations since 1912. Margaret fell in love with the farmer and the farming life. They raised their three children on the farm and are proud of all that the land and dairy farming has taught them. They all helped with chores, learned responsibility early on and developed a lasting love for the environment. “We have had perhaps two vacations in the past twenty years,” says Margaret. But she’s not complaining. That just goes with the territory. This is not a part-time commitment.

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This is not a part-time commitment. It's both a way of life and a full-time job.
- Margaret Hanson

A helping hand

The Hansons practice what is called rotational grazing, moving the herd regularly to fresh pasture for the best feed and the best health of the land. Sometimes the cows figure out a way to go even further afield, so to speak. This doesn’t happen often, but, when it does, the neighbors love it. They gather a posse together to find the renegades and herd them back to the farm. One neighbor, in fact, often comments on how much fun this is and how he always looks forward to helping out. For his part, David also helps out his fellow farmers by serving on the Massachusetts Dairy Product Promotions Board to support the industry and the delicious, nutritious dairy products farmers produce.

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