Hannan Dairy Farm

350 acres
40 milking cows

Not city kids

Brothers Chris and Todd Hannan are first-generation dairy farmers, but “it wasn’t like we were city kids,” Chris says with a chuckle. The pair grew up with one other brother in a family that raised sheep and beef cattle and their dad did crop work for a hobby. There was farming further back in the family tree, Chris adds, with dairy and vegetable operations. Both worked for other farms milking and Chris had a “farmsitting” business, where he would take care of local farms when the owners took a break.

All-American pride

The brothers take great pride in their herd of black and white and red and white Holsteins, which include the offspring of an All-American cow they raised in the early 2000s. The herd has set some state records for production, also thanks to the high quality of feed crops they produce themselves. “We like being our own bosses and getting to see a variety of things every day and through every season,” Chris says. Looking back on the decision to commit to dairy farming full-time, he reflects, “We kind of had to figure it our ourselves; we weren’t born into it. If we wanted it, we had to make it happen.” 

Hannan Dairy Farm is doing things right, and folks are noticing - they are the 2019 Green Pastures Award Winner for Connecticut!

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