Hanehan Family Dairy

Mount Upton, NY
2,150 acres
1,499 milking cows

Cultivating Family

With 11 grown kids and 19 grandkids (so far) between the three Hanehan brothers and their wives, “We always say the best crop we’ve ever grown is our children,” says Cliff Hanehan, the youngest of the trio who took over the original Saratoga Springs farm from their parents. Their late father, Edward, returned home from World War II and bought the farm next door to the one he grew up on. The Hanehans feel fortunate that many of their kids have also followed in the agricultural tradition, including several working their way into the family business as partners. 

“We take pride in producing good food. If it’s from nature, it’s probably pretty good for you,” Cliff Hanehan.
Protecting water quality through their farming practices means clean waterways for their grandkids to swim and fish in.
Cliff's wife Kathy helps raises the calves.
“I’m amazed every day working with cows,” Cliff Hanehan.
It is pretty amazing to have somebody who we know is going to carry the farm forward.
- Charlie Hanehan

Visit the Hanehan Family Farmstand to learn more about their farm family business and enjoy specialty products that you can purchase and bring home to friends and family. 


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