Great Brook Farm

Carlisle, MA
300 acres
140 cows

Old History, New Technology

Welcoming visitors was part of the deal for the Duffy family when they took on the challenge of re-starting a dairy in the 1,000-acre Great Brook Farm state park 22 miles outside of Boston. Agriculture has been part of Great Brook for centuries; Native Americans used the area for sacred sites and seventeenth century cellar holes remain from early colonial settlement. Today, Mark and Tamma Duffy, their daughter, Marlow, and sons, Christopher and Blake, run a state-of-the-art dairy with a “smart” barn housing the first robotic milking system installed in Massachusetts.

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Watch Agri-Mark Board Member, Mark Duffy talk about his family & life on the farm.
Located in a state park with 20 miles of recreation trails.
Great Brook's cows sleep on water beds.
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Marlow came home after college to work with her parents on the farm.
We think that the more people know about Dairy Farming the better off all farmers will be.
- Mark Duffy

Learn more about tours at Great Brook Farm and the state park that they reside on. Also check out the Duffy's on Facebook for farm updates and cow photos!

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