Fults Farm

Evans Mills, NY
165 acres
120 cows

Joe Fults, his father Lewis, Joe's wife Brynne, and Lewis's wife Michelle all pitch in to operate the Fults Farm in Evans Mills, New York, about twenty miles from the Canadian border. Joe is the fourth generation of dairy farmers in the family, and now the fifth generation is taking its first baby steps into dairy farming as well. Joe and Brynne's young daughter Ninette ventures out to the barn on many mornings, plays with kittens, and rides around on the barn bike as Joe does the milking. Caelum, their middle son, comes running any time there's a chance he might catch a ride on the tractor. Their third child is still pint-sized, but will be involved soon. And for Joe, keeping the tradition of the family farm alive and honoring the generations that helped build the farm before him is one his greatest joys of dairy farming. "I loved growing up on the farm, working with the animals, and farming the land," says Joe. "I want my children to enjoy the same experience I knew growing up."

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