Foster Brothers Farm

Middlebury, VT
1,600 acres
360 milking cows

Pioneering diversity

Bob Foster has been on the leading edge of dairy diversification since the early 1980s. He coined the term “Cow Power” when he saw the opportunity to source clean-burning, environmentally safe, abundant energy from right under his feet…so-to-speak. The Fosters were among the first to install an anaerobic digester on their dairy farm, which allowed them to meet their electricity needs through generators powered by methane gas released from treated cow manure.  The family built one of the largest manure-based compost companies, producing and marketing Moo Doo, which is sold around the Northeast.

Bob Foster, a pioneer in farm diversity.
Moo Doo® recycles cow manure into rich, naturally fertilizing compost.

Risks and rewards

“Farming uses lots of science, natural resources, animals, and people to continually make improvements in how we interact with our environment,” Bob continues. “It sounds grandiose, but really that is what farming is all about. People should also realize there are a lot of challenges and risks along the way. You cannot control all of them, but it’s a very rewarding way of life and an important aspect of our society.”

Curious about cow power? Learn more about Bob's "Moo Doo" and the incredible impact its had on their sustainable farming practicesYou can visit Fosters Brothers Farm, recognized as the 2019 Innovative Dairy Farmer of the Year, and learn more about their products and where to find them! 

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