Fletcher Farm

Southampton, MA
135 acres
135 milking cows

Able young farmers

Growing up on a farm teaches many things including, occasionally, more than you bargained for. As the three Fletcher kids tell it, a few years ago when their dad took a rare two days off to attend a farm show in New York, they got a crash course in calving. Three cows were due and all three decided to give birth while Bob Fletcher was away. The young farmers were up to the task and dad came home to three healthy new calves. Far from scaring them off, Nicole, Elizabeth and Matthew Fletcher all seem inclined to stay in the family business.

Growing up farming seems to have stuck for the next generation of Fletchers.
Bob grew up on a farm but then he and his wife Cheryl bought their own.
"Customers say they stop by because we are a family farm and they've enjoyed watching our children grow up."
- Cheryl Fletcher
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Watch as Cheryl & Bob share a bit about their family farm.

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