Five Mile Farm

Lisbon, NY
1500 acres
500 milking cows

The long view

Five Mile Farm has been in the Akins family since the mid-1800s. Today, the fifth, sixth and seventh generations work together on the farm with an eye to future generations as well. All new efforts on the farm, explains Mark Akins, have at least a 30-year outlook. “We ask ourselves, ‘Are we doing this for immediate satisfaction, or are we building this for the future?’” he says. “Everything we do has to be sustainable.”

Three generations strong.
Allison is getting her feet wet in all parts of the Cabot team - from farm to marketing and back again.
There is nothing else we would rather be doing as a family. It's truly rewarding!
- Mark Akins

A few years back, Allison Akins interned for Cabot and shared her perspective in this post about the busy summer season on the farm.

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