Fairmont Farm

East Montpelier, VT
3,600 acres
1,450 milking cows

More family, more farm

When she was growing up on her family’s dairy farm, Clara Ayer often rode her horse up the hill to a beautiful stand of tall pines where she later got married. Clara has returned to work full-time on the farm alongside her brother Ricky Hall, and their first cousin, Tucker Purchase, as the third generation of family farmers. They have joined Clara and Ricky’s parents, Richard and Bonnie Hall, who had gradually taken over from Richard’s parents. While Clara still treasures the special spot on the hill, she doesn’t have quite as much time to get up there as the family juggles three different milking locations around the area.

The stand of pines and event tent at Fairmont.
Three generations of family work together.
At the beginning of camp, some kids are scared of their calf. By the end, they are hugging their calf.
- Isabel Hall
Isabel, Clara and their mom, Bonnie Hall.
Haven Farm is the base for the high genetic herd & summer camps.

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